PLEASE USE A STRONG WIFI CONNECTION TO DOWNLOAD YOUR PDF FILES. Downloading to  a mobile device is not recommended. The files are LARGE.

PDF patterns contain Print-at-Home files for A4 or letter sized paper. Each PDF pattern also contains a copy shop file for A0 paper (the product page and the file name indicate the number of A0 sheets in the pattern.) Some patterns have a US Copy Shop file for 36" wide paper. These files are named as such and have the dimensions in the file name as well as published on the product page.

At this point, only pattern no. 109 offers layers in the copy shop file to print your desired size only. We probably won’t be retroactively offering this feature on the older PDFs.

Why can't I open the PDF with Adobe Illustrator?

The PDF files are password protected for our security. No, you cannot have the password.

Please use Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview to open the pdf files and print them. 

Printing Copy Shop Files

You can print the copy shop files from any local print shop with a large format printer - spoiler alert, they usually charge an exorbitant amount per square foot so you’re paying a premium for the convenience and immediacy of a local pick up.  It’s frequently more economical to print with a PDF Pattern printing business such as pdfplotting.com (US) or patternsy.com , thefoldline.com or patterntopaper.com (UK and Europe). These types of businesses have a much better price for printing but there’s the small delay of a few days or whatever for your order to print and ship.